MANUFACTURERS of findings, pieces and custom-made collections, and components


One of Sebime’s priority missions is to defend the interests of the “km 0” manufacturers we represent. All the companies in our group highly value this concept, as one of the key factors that supports sustainability. This commitment results in clear benefits for our clients’ operations.

Proximity is vital when evaluating the services provided by any supplier, as it allows for expedited production processes as well as for the opportunity to make a contribution to social responsibility and the goal of a more sustainable planet.

At a time in which the world is continually demanding increased transparency with regard to production processes and tackling issues that arise from the over-exploitation of resources and decentralisation, we must reflect on the modus operandi to streamline our operations.

The pandemic has opened our eyes regarding the need to reconsider and understand that we cannot and should not contribute to manufacturing by companies found thousands of kilometres away, due to its numerous consequences.

Our component manufacturers in the jewellery and fashion accessories sectors carry out production within Spain, and supply their materials to manufacturers of finished products

From among our companies, there are also manufacturers that can produce custom made collections for other businesses.

We believe that it is vital to add value to the type of companies that prioritise the creation of more sustainable products.