Do you have a unique jewellery design or special collection in mind? We are Joan and Aleix, the two brothers behind Mebot and we are here to transform those ideas into reality.

We strive to preserve tradition while exploring new ideas and possibilities in the world of jewellery design. We thrive on challenging projects that inspire us to dig deep into our creativity, think outside the box, and create unique pieces from start to finish.

Why choose Mebot?

BESPOKE DESIGNS. We design each piece of jewellery or collection from scratch to meet your exact specifications.

NO MINIMUM ORDER. Whether you would like a single piece or a complete collection, we bring your ideas to life without requiring a minimum quantity.

EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS. Your pieces are unique to you. We don't reproduce any of our designs for other projects. 

WE DESIGN WITH YOU, AND FOR YOU. Already have a design? Wonderful. We will guide you every step of the way, from ideation to creation.

DESIGN CONSULTANCY. If your vision is crystal-clear but the journey seems challenging, trust us to lead you through the early stages of design, planning and sample development. Through collaboration, together we can conceive and design a piece and/or collection that meets you design specifications.

CRAFTED IN ZAMAK. We use Zamak, an alloy composed of Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper, which is 100% recyclable and allows us to craft unique pieces with precise details and perfect finishes.

MADE IN MENORCA, MADE IN SPAIN. Both the island of Menorca and our family have a long-standing tradition of jewellery-making. At Mebot, we are proud of being a part of that heritage. 

We turn your ideas into jewellery pieces (and more). As well as jewellery, we also design and produce bespoke Zamak components for footwear, textiles, leather goods, gifts, industry (locks, etc.), and more. If you have a query, feel free to ask. We will let you know if we are able to fulfil your request.


  1. CONTACT. We can arrange a meeting either in person or online, discuss your needs and objectives, and provide a quotation.
  2. 3D DESIGN. Once the quotation has been approved, we create a 3D design based on your specifications so you can visualise the piece.
  3. 3D PRINTING. Once the 3D design is approved, we print a 3D prototype of the piece to test its design and make any necessary adjustments.
  4. MANUFACTURING THE MOULD. We create a mould of the original part in metal for batch production.
  5. PRODUCTION. We launch the batch production of your pieces.
  6. DELIVERY. We deliver your final pieces.