Sebime How to become a User

Spanish Fashion Jewelry Manufacturers' Association

How to become a Sebime User How to become a Sebime User

Sebime is the Spanish Association of Fashion Jewellery Manufacturers and since May 2015, it also directly manages the Eurofashion Bijoux brand, created for the promotion of European fashion jewellery and components.

The principles and goals of the Association are to develop, support and promote the Fashion Jewellery Sector, Fashion Accessories, Gifts and similar, as well as their components.

Beginning in January 2016, we will also offer the option to all European manufacturers who so desire, of becoming part of our Association as users, and hence be able to benefit from a series of advantages.

How to become a Sebime user How to become a Sebime user

The following requirements must be met to become a Sebime user:

  • Individuals with legal capacity for such labour or companies of any European nationality that carry out business activities related to the manufacture or commercializing of fashion jewellery and fashion accessories, gifts or similar items and their components.
  • Payment of a mensual fee. The commitment shall be yearly so as to benefit from the user’s status.

Advantages of begin a Sebime User:

  • Special discounts when taking part in activities organized by Sebime that will allow you to easily make up for the user’s fees.
  • Access to the services guide of the Association.

Here you will find our  Calendar of Activities

How to become a Sebime User How to become a Sebime User

Documents to be submitted by new Users:

In order to register your application as a User within our Association, we request that you provide us with the following documents. These documents will then be submitted to the Management Committee for approval:

  • A document signed by the responsible of the company with the declaration that your products are made in Europe.
  • Photocopy of an official document to certify your commercial activity
  • List of raw materials used in the manufacturing process of your products
  • Photographs, catalogues and samples of the products manufactured by your company. This material must fit the profile of products to be exhibited at fairs.
  • Exhibitions in which you usually take part.
  • Description of your commercial network

The Management Committee of Sebime reserves the right of admission to new users.