We are jewellery craftsman by vocation and family inheritance. Our father Diego Torres founded our company in Ciutadella de Menorca in 1953, after training as a silversmith and goldsmith in Barcelona, he started as a trainee in a jewellery factory in his hometown.

Now we design and distribute our Menorcan made collections, made of stamped brass and hand painted enamel, which finish makes our label unique.

We have stayed loyal to our work ethics and personal philosophy the same that we learned from our father; hard work and passion in each and every one of our pieces to achieve a unique product of high quality.

Our pieces are designed by Clara Torres, loyal follower of her father’s steps; she creates new jewellery and gift collections every season.

Our fashion jewellery pieces made of stamped brass, enamelled by hand, are unique in the world for their design. This highly elaborate line of products truly requires a great deal of handiwork throughout the whole production process. The design team of Clara Bijoux is inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau, as well as by other classical lines, with the aim to create fashion jewellery collections and gifts in both classical and trendier styles. Styles are updated every season according to the latest fashion trends, striving for chromatic harmony in every single composition.

The colourful style of classical lines, inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau is the most characteristic feature of -Clara Bijoux- fashion jewellery collections. Their items made of stamped brass are known for their design, quality, and enamelling by hand, colour after colour”.

The fashion jewellery collections and gifts by Clara Bijoux are true artisan jewels carefully made by expert and patient hands. Each item requires a thorough a careful colour selection to make them attractive from the chromatic point of view”.

Brand Names
Clara Bijoux - Torret