Amelia González SL selects and creates silver findings, zamak and brass findings, leather cords and strips, rubber synthetic and textile materials, as well as glass pieces and beads in various materials.

We develop entire collections at the request of the client, from the creation of the 3D design, printing and 3D prototyping to the complete production of the parts.

From designs and renderings by hand or inspirational motifs, we develop and we adapt them to any production system to achieve the highest efficiency and lowest possible cost, in any material or combination of materials for jewelry or costume jewelry.

925 silver findings, zamak findings and brass findings, with any texture and plating finish.

Strips and cords of leather, synthetic rubber, cotton, nylon, and other textiles for costume jewelry and jewelry.

Tools and materials for threading necklaces for professionals and amateurs. Wires, cables, and cords for stringing and create costume jewelry.

Semi-precious stones, synthetic stones, imitation stones.

Murano glass beads and components for jewelry and bijouterie. Other acrylic beads and various materials. Development of collections in silver and metal by casting, low fusion, injection, turning, CNC machining, laser cutting, etc.

Blown, torch and molded glass.

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