Madreperla Elements was established in Manacor (Majorca). Inmediately began the production of pearls of Majorca, without forgetting other materials like the silver and the metal. The cares and exclusive designs, in agreement always to the last tendencies, confer a select air to the pieces of imitation jewelry that they manufacture. Original and fresh collections cover the whole arch, that goes from youthful lines until who want to personalize the own elegance. The products are sold with a certificate of guarentee for a period of 10 years.Madreperla Elements has been introduced in the main markets of the world and at the present time export their products to FRANCE, BELGIUM, ITALY, GREECE, ARABIAN COUNTRIES, USA, SOUTH AMERICA and PORTUGAL.


The first step is manufacture the core of the Pearl, that is made with a special opaline glass of own production. This glass in rods available in different diameters, it has two important characteristics: a

specific  founding temperature by fire and a special adhesion that will guarantee the correct

fixation of the different covers of color. Fused by our specialist artisans using fire, a drop of this glass come down on a metal thread that is rotating. Then, this drop of glass becomes cool, and by effect of the rotation of the metal thread becomes round. Later, this metal thread is eliminated and the core of the Pearl is ready.

The next step is coating the Pearl with a special enamel of own production that will give to the

Pearl the characteristic color and luminosity. The Pearls are immersed in this enamel different

times, to give different coats to the Pearl, imitating the process of the Pearl oyster.

Then, our artisans guided by an ancient heritage, knots the Pearls one by one, creating our necklaces and bracelets, . Later, after a rigorous quality control, our Pearls are commercialized with a certificate of

guarantee, which ensures the free replacement of any Pearl showing a defect, always that the

Pearls have been subjected to normal use.

All Glass Pearls are produced in Spain and the production of MADREPERLA ELEMENTS SL is assembled in Spain.




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