Menorca, a beautiful island in the Balearic Islands archipelago in Spain, is known for its rich history in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the fashion jewelry and footwear sectors, which have a long-standing heritage.

In the case of fashion jewelry, we can trace its origins back to the mid-19th century with the silver coin purse industry, which likely served as a precursor to the development of fashion jewelry workshops in Maó, Alaior, and Ciutadella in the early 20th century.

Manufacturers in Menorca meticulously create a wide variety of pieces and collections, using traditional techniques and high-quality materials.

The manufacturing of components includes pieces made from brass, zamak, chains, etc.

Fashion jewelry components made in Menorca are highly appreciated for their quality and variety, making them standout elements in the creation of artisanal fashion jewelry with a special and distinctive touch.

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