Ciclón is a Spanish company dedicated to the creation of silver and gold plated jewellery present in more than 1500 sales point worldwide.

The Ciclón brand offers a wide selection of jewellery that customers choose every season, we also launch novelties up to four times per year to keep up with the latest trends.

Ciclón jewellery stands out for its high quality and competitive prices, Ciclón is a sure value and a safe bet for shops. The brand provides very careful after-sales and customer services to guarantee an excellent shopping experience.

Ciclón creates every piece by hand in its workshops in Madrid, from the idea and conception, through its complete manufacture, right up to the moment of its distribution, without intermediaries. More than 30 specialist workers are involved in its handcrafted manufacturing process which also combines new techniques, such as modelling and 3D printing, which helps to optimise its process and the value for money offered by the brand.

Ciclón's raw materials and distributors are all from the EU. As a silver and gold plated jewellery manufacturing company, they are committed to running their activity in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, helping to preserve the planet for future generations by generating their own clean energy.

They also promote waste reduction, energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials throughout our manufacturing process. We are constantly working to improve our processes and operations to reduce our environmental impact.

We strive to be a responsible company, conscious of its environmental and social impact, and we hope to inspire others to join us in this commitment.

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Sales manager Carlos de Pablo / David Juárez

San Alfonso, 23
28917 La Fortuna
Madrid Spain

+34 916102015

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