Lucía Martín Bijoux was created to offer quality jewellery to the whole world. It is the international brand born from Promojoya, a company that has been consolidated in the jewellery sector in Spain for more than twenty years. We are characterised by our commitment to the jeweller as well as to the end customer, offering quality designs in noble materials such as 925 sterling silver.

In Lucía Martín Bijoux we take care of every detail, and our jewellery comes packaged in a beautiful envelope that you can reuse as many times as you want and that will also help you to keep and preserve your jewellery as the first day.

In our catalogue you will find one of the largest product ranges in the jewellery sector in Spain. We have articles for all ages and tastes so that the jeweller has all possible options. In addition, throughout the year, we develop different campaigns launching new items to keep our catalogue always alive.

In addition to offering quality jewellery, at Lucía Martín Bijoux we work to offer the best service to the jeweller, also offering a wide range of services to support the sale, from personalisation of showcases, creation and personalisation of advertising displays, dissemination of audiovisual material for social networks, preparation of catalogues and personalisation of jewellery, among others.

In our manufacturing process we use 925 silver and 18K gold. We surround our silver jewellery for a better and more durable finish.