We are a small design workshop and craftsmanship of author jewelry.The concept of our work is closer to contemporary sculpture than to classical jewelry; For this reason, we base our work on the search for simple and harmonious forms, where proportion and visual impact prevail over matter. Initially we were using materials such as aluminum, polymer clay, nylon, rubber and other similar ones, but the limitations that we found in them prevented us from continuing to progress, which led us to search for a material with infinite plastic properties, "the glass”, which by combining it with silver, allows us to give free rein to the imagination. Almost a year after starting to work on it, it has become the undisputed protagonist of our work.

Our products aim to be small contemporary sculptures, to be worn, with simple lines and shapes but with a strong visual impact. They are mainly made of blown Murano glass and finished with 925 silver jewelry findings.

All the elements that make up our works are made by hand by ourselves and from start to finish.

We work the glass with a torch with oxygen and propane, sculpting or blowing the pieces, depending on the needs of their final design. The techniques used for silver are those of goldsmithing, such as: alloying, wire drawing and sheet metal rolling, metal shaping (cutting and drafting, folding, drawing, bending, etc.), welding, polishing, etc. In the final assembly we combine these two materials using cables, cords or chains, which can be silver, nylon, steel, elastic or any other that, due to its characteristics, completes the final vision of the piece and maintains a high quality of the product. .



Sales manager Andrés Belloví Agost

Calle Carcagente, 24 bajo
12005 Castellón
Castellón Spain

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