High fashion jewelry firm that is characterized by innovation and design of pieces.

The name of the brand has its origin in that each necklace can be KOLOKAR of several forms, obtaining in many cases three or four necklaces from one; differential characteristic of our designs very attractive to our clients because it allows them to adapt the necklace to every occasion and style.

We work with pearls, 18 carat gold plated chains, crystals of different types and origins, cords, silks and many other materials.

Our design is very versatile. We design at least 100 models a year between necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

All design and manufacturing is done in Madrid, Spain and our suppliers are located all over the world. This is also part of our success. We buy and manufacture pieces where no one else can.

We have also been characterized by modernizing the pearl, a very traditional element to which we have been able to give a very modern touch.

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Sales manager María Victoria Rodriguez

Artesa del Segre, 10
28035 Madrid
Madrid Spain

+34 629161515
+34 629161515

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