Salvatore Plata is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the Spanish market, more than 1500 clients in Spain support us and for some years also with a rapid expansion in the rest of Europe, the USA and South America, we are in more than 40 countries. We present 2 collections a year with more than 1000 models each season, with the aim that our clients have the possibility of choosing those pieces that are closest to the taste of their clientele. All this supported by careful promotional material that complements your in-store display. In addition to our main brand, we offer a highly attractive and innovative design jewelery line, BIJOU by Salvatore Plata. Our maxim is the careful design and quality of our jewels, betting on very high standards to achieve it.

High Jewelry made of sterling silver. The materials with which we manufacture the pieces and above all sterling silver have values well above the legal limit for both the Spanish and international markets. We are committed to the latest technologies in color baths for silver, becoming pioneers in this regard.
Whenever stones or crystals are used, the highest qualities are sought, betting on the latest fashion in stones, sizes and colors. Our main challenge, quality control. Each piece of sterling silver incorporates our contrast of responsibility registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OMPM) with the number 2,095,446 (8), and the guarantee contrast of the official precious metals laboratory of the Metalworking Technological Institute (AIDIMME ). In this way, we guarantee that each article of silver is of the first law. Additionally, we evaluate the absence of toxic metals in the articles in order to guarantee that only safe products for the health and safety of people are marketed.

Brand Names
Salvatore Plata



Sales manager Salvador Pellicer Rojo

Valencia Spain

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FAX +34 963728531

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