Clara & Beth is a jewelry brand created by a mother and a daughter. They have always lived experiences related to aesthetics together, because Elisabeth, the mother, has been running a boutique of exclusive accessories for more than 31 years in San Sebastián. Thus, since Clara's childhood, they have visited and traveled different places together in search of beautiful and particular pieces. From these experiences has arisen the need to create its own brand, of Personal and distinctive style.

Clara & Beth's philosophy is to value the intrinsic natural beauty of minerals (veined, irregular and not always appreciated), elevating them to a jewel with precious stones such as sapphires. Therefore, the selected gems have their peculiarity, being irregular and imperfect, but always beautiful.

All his designs are worked in detail from San Sebastian and handcrafted in Spain by qualified jewelers. In their attention to detail, there are numerous times that prototypes have been rejected until they find the desired result. Clara & Beth is a brand based on honesty, good work, quality and design. It is the union of the experience and freshness of youth.

As the brand's stamp, mother and daughter have chosen the blue sapphire, and all their jewelry wears it. Symbol of experience that represents the corporate color of the family boutique and its entire trajectory.


Directeur des ventes Clara Ortiz de Lanzagorta

San Antonio, 40,1
20016 San Sebastian
Guipuzcoa Espagne

+34 688756534
+34 660256057