UNOde50 is the jewellery brand of a designer called José Azulay.  José portrays his personality and his personal philosophy into each piece of UNOde50, this is based on his enjoyment of life and the exaltation of existence: optimism, freedom and beauty through organic forms, textures and colours which combined find balance at the end.

The pieces have a playful character, are full of positivity, joy of living, a marked nature of design and imbued with the love of art and aesthetics, which have a unique personality for being the brand of a designer.  Each UNOde50 design is a perfect fusion of art & craft.

All our jewelleries are made of exclusive alloy metal allowing us to bring our exclusive designs to life and giving each piece that very special handmade texture.  The pieces are silver plated with 15-25 microns of silver and gold has 3 microns of 18k gold.

The jewelry then undergoes an exhaustive quality control, culminating in the assembly of items that combine metal with leather, handmade crystals, faceted crystals, shell pearls and cotton threads.