It has been estimated that more than 500.000 tonnes of leather are wasted every year. This result in a 60% of the leather produced not being used and often ending uo in landfills and rivers of our planet, creating a huge environmental problem of leftover leather.

At Soruka we decided not to be part of the problem but part of the solution. We are a young and modern brand, committed to create unique handcrafted leather goods in a sustainable way. We design beautiful bags and accessories.

The result ir a beautiful one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece made with the best quality leather and environmentally friendly.

We’re in the business of making life better, moving the fashion industry towards a more sustainable approach where success is measured on more than just profit margins. Our mission is to bring you beautiful timeless collections while preserving traditional techniques, while producing sustainable fashion with quality and design.

Our aim is to be a zero waste company and so we try to use every scrap of material. With great effort and joy our artisans select the cutting and the right colors in order to transform waste into a unique piece of art.

The smallest cuttings are used for our small items such as key-chains, bracelets, jewelry and small decorations items that we´re selling in our shop. We are aware that we’re very small in this moment. However, every effort counts and we’re sure that step by step we will contribute to the change needed to close the loop on waste. We believe that conscious fashion is not only possible, but necessary.




Directeur des ventes Josep Riera Canyelles

C/Asturies, 50 PB
08012 Barcelona
Barcelona Espagne