EYEWEAR TO SEE A BETTER WORLD. It is no secret that human consumption habits are generating a problem of excess of waste on the planet, damaging it in a way that is becoming irreversible. At Parafina we manufacture high quality and design eco-friendly glasses, accessible to everyone, made with 100% recycled or organic materials. We believe that it is time for a change of habits and priorities where we put the planet first, encouraging recycling and reducing pollution. Furthermore, we are convinced in the power of Education, the most powerful weapon to build a hopeful future, and we donate 5% of each sale to our social project to provide educational scholarships to children in Paraguay.

We manufacture our glasses using everyday waste, and high environmental impact such as plastic, aluminum and tires. We also use organic and sustainable materials like bamboo, bio acetate or cork. Today we have glasses made from 6 materials different, and year after year we seek new sustainable solutions and we develop new materials.




Directeur des ventes Samuel Soria Santos

Calle Canillas, 2 local
28002 Madrid
Madrid Espagne

+34 622010411

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