Founded in 2017 in Marbella (South of Spain), SUENIA ZURICH is a distinctly and unique fashion jewelry and lifestyle brand.  Since the first eneavours, SUENIA ZURICH has been providing handicrafted pieces worldwide, always under ethical and sustainable conditions, developing an international cult and consider pioneers in introducing Miyuki in the global fashion jewelry market.

SUENIA ZURICH's world goes beyond jewelry and accessories.  it is a wonderful world full of imagination, multitude of designs and countless colours and shapes that come magically together.

SUENIA ZURICH represents the identity, the will and resillence of its creators, two sisters who capture this concept no only in their designs but also in their desire to share worldwide what they like the most, fashin accessories.

In all things SUENIA ZURICH, craftsmanship is legend, intricate and eye-catching, SUENIA ZURICH's pieces are highly recognizable.  Some of the today's iconic designers of SUENIA ZURICH are only possible thanks to the ancient tecnique of the loom, where each one of the delica crystal beads are sewn one by one obtaining the masterful drawings of the brand's free essence.

We are honoured and proud of the exquisite craftsmanship, dedication and passion of each of the women artisans who make the jewelry in our house possible.  Their technique, their know-how, their passion, their dedication and meticulous attention to detail have made SUENIA ZURICH one of the best loom makers in the world.