With a deep-rooted tradition in jewelry craftsmanship spanning more than three decades, Vanderly stands as an emblem of family dedication and passion for creating fashion jewelry that speaks directly to the modern woman.

Since her birth in 1994 on the iconic island of Menorca, Vanderly has made jewelry that captures the essence of the Mediterranean. Each of our pieces is conceived and made by hand in our workshop in Menorca, where tradition mixes with innovation. Using materials such as Pewter, a hypoallergenic material, and seasoning our creations with Austrian crystals, skin, leather and Mallorcan pearls, we give life to works that are a testimony of excellence.

The digital age has brought to life a new dimension of Vanderly. With the creation of our online store, our high-end handmade fashion jewelry creations are now available to everyone. Vanderly becomes an unavoidable choice for the contemporary and independent woman in search of superior quality and design.



Directeur des ventes Luis Lorenzo Villalonga

Carrer des Cap Negre, 18 POIMA
07714 Mahón
Baleares Espagne

+34 971351205

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