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BIJORHCA - PARIS 8-10 September 2024

BIJORHCA PARIS is the only international trade show dedicated to jewellery and all sectors of the industry in France. It covers the entire fashion and...

BISUTEX - MADRID 12-15 September 2024

As you are most likely aware,SEBIME, the Spanish Association of Fashion Jewellery Manufacturers, is responsible for organizing the participation of a ...

MILANO FASHION & JEWELS - MILAN 14-17 September 2024

In the fashion capital, MILANO Fashion&Jewels (before HOMI) Exhibition is the event in which style, design and research rub shoulders, giving rise to ...

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Sebime is the Spanish Fashion Jewellery Manufacturers' Association, whose registered office is established in Mahón (Menorca, Balearic Islands), birthplace of the Spanish fashion jewellery.


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Menorca, a beautiful island in the Balearic Islands archipelago in Spain, is known for its rich history in the manufacturing industry, particularly in...

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Stay ahead of the curve with the latest fashion jewelry trends: Get your trend workbook!


Do you want to anticipate the next trends in the world of fashion jewelry and accessories? At SEBIME, we offer you a unique opportunity to be at th...

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